Public Grouping

Pressing "Y" while not in a hunt will first take you to the Public Grouping tool. This will allow you to see other hunting groups and request membership into their party.

Public Grouping Cont...

There are various dropdowns to find groups for specific situations and quests, but it is more than likely you will never find anything by using the dropdowns since not many people switch from the default options when creating a group.

Once you have found a group to your liking click on it. You will be brought to the next screen. Press the button on the left to ask to join, and the right button exits back to the previous screen.

Adding Friends

If you switch over to the second tab you will see the friends list.

Adding Friends Cont...

This tab also has other things on it too. They are:

  • 我的猎友 - Friends
  • 路人 - Players seen
  • 黑名单 - Blacklist
  • 消息屏蔽 - Message Block`

If you click the button on the right you can create your own grouping category for friends.

Adding Friends Cont...

Adding someone as a friend is as simple as clicking the button on the Left and typing in their name. Click the button on the left to confirm and the button on the right to exit.

Creating a Party

If you right click on a friend it will come up with this menu:

It's options are:

  • 邀请组队 - Invite to Party
  • 删除猎友 - Delete from Friends
  • 更改分组 - Change Group Category
  • 密语 - Whisper
  • 添加到黑名单 - Add to Blacklist
  • 复制名称 - Copy Name

If you try to invite somebody to a party and it comes up with red text, it usually means they are in a hunt or somewhere that they can't accept party invites.

Creating a Party Cont...

This is the popup when somebody invites you to a party. The Left button is accept, the Right button is decline.

Creating a Party Cont...

Once you have invited someone to your party you have some options if you right click thier name in the top left of your screen.

  • 转让队长 - Make Party Leader
  • 踢除队友 - Kick from Party
  • 加为猎友 - Add to Friends
  • 交易 - Trade
  • 举报 - Report
Creating a Party Cont...

You can also manage your party from party screen by pressing "Y" From this screen pressing the Right button will leave the party.