How to get a Talisman
  1. By buying the boxes with talismans from the pink cat paw coin vendor and opening them.
  2. By opening the boxes you get from cat quests(lvl40 stuff) or events. *Boxes from cat quests are tradable, so its often better to just sell them via AH.
  3. By buying talismans directly from auction house. *!WARNING: be careful when buying from AH, look at the total rolls done first - you want to know the base value of stat on it if you're planning on rerolling it*
How to unlock the talisman so that it actually gives you the stats listed on it.

By default talisman doesn't give you the stats listed on it. Text is red in this case.

You need to unlock the talisman for it to start giving you stats. Text will become green when unlocked.

To do that, u need to reroll the talisman N times, N is shown on the right from the stat itself.

*TIP: When buying talismans from auction house, look at the amount of rolls done to it first(Blue text , bottom right corner of the talisman's tooltip).

To roll the talisman go to the cat next to the blacksmith in town and select the 4th option.

Rolling the stat will change stat's value, so if you don't want that , lock the stat.

How the rolling goes, skill ranges and stuff.

As of this moment, talismans can be of 6 qualities.

Soldier, Warrior, Knight, Queen, Dragon, Hero

*Hero quality talisman gives u additional 15 armor, and if u get a 2nd skill on it , it can't be negative.*

Talisman's quality defines the maximum amount(differs per skill) of stat the talisman can have as well as the range within which the stat is going to be rolled.

Get ranges from the bottom of the page.

Hero Roll Ranges click here.

When you roll a stat, it is going to roll +-1 or +-2(differs per skill and per talisman's quality) from its base amount. All dragon talismans roll +-2, >>some<< Hero talismans roll +-2 (look that up using that sheet for hero talismans), rest talismans roll +-1.

Here is how the roll process works, and example:

  • Dragon quality Talisman with Attack skill on it.
  • Attack's base ranges from 1 to 10 on dragon quality. We have 4 Attack here.
  • That 4 is the base value of Attack stat on this talisman.
  • We know that, because the blue text says that no rolls had been done to it.
  • On a dragon quality, Attack rolls +-2 from the base.
  • So, lets say we buy it and decide to reroll it. Attack stat is going to roll between 2 and 6 here.

Skill Soldier
Skills: 1
Skills: 1
Skills: 1-2
Skills: 1-2
Skills: 1-2
Skills: 2
Skills: 3

This guide was written by @Love2BeHated on Discord