Hunting Tickets

  • Huntings Tickets can be used to double the loot recieved from a Hunt.
  • LR Hunts requires 1 ticket, while HR+ hunts require 2 tickets.
  • If you had any hunting tickets previous to 21/12/2016, they were converted to these new type of "loot tickets".
  • You can only acquire more tickets from events, mysterious lady random shop, log in rewards and loot boxes. No reliable way to farm them currently exists.
  • *Loot tickets only affect the loot of the person who used it, and do not affect the gold point and silver point drops in unstable hunts

"N" Hunting Menu

Bounty Board

You can only undertake 2 bounties per day. You may accumulate a maximum of 3 days of bounties (6 bounties total)

限时: Time limit (10 min for LR / 20 min for HR)
黄金: Gold grade and above
白金: Platinum
捕获: Capture
破坏: Break (Usually the part that defines the monster)
倒地: Knockdown/Trip
失衡: Unbalance/Stagger

Unstable Hunts

Unstable hunts will have a red image over your monster and a timer.

There will be a secondary objective when you start that is optional. If you want to get credit for the optional part you need to do that first since the quest will finish when you kill the main monster.

You can only get secondary objective bonuses from unstable hunts 3 times per day.

This bonus will not be boosted by the use of loot tickets

Elite lvl90+ and Elite lvl40 five stars unstable hunts secondary objectives reward gold points for the weapon stone (only way to farm them in-game).

[ 可选] 捕获闯入的怪物: [Optional] Capture the monster
[可选] 讨伐闯入的怪物: [Optional] Kill the monster

Arena Guide:

This guide is courtesy of @Gomico, one of our Chinese players. All credit goes to him and the original document can be found here.

The arena system unlocks at level 25 and is called "Thousand Hunting Trial(千狩试炼)."

The arena will give you materials for upgrading Necklaces and Meow Meow Coins. You can use the Meow Meow Coins to eget materials from the ShiroNeko Shrine girl. Necklaces can be purchased from the arena npc.

There are 7 arenas total with multiple rounds. These rounds have more than just killing monsters, there are different requirements on the side of the screen for each round. After each round you need to choose one of the supplies. The faster you finish the round the more choices you will have.

Arena 1
  1. kill 6 Bullfangos in 60s
  2. Hit Caeserber’s head a number of times in 60s
  3. Collect supply sonic bombs in 60s
  4. Make Yian Kut-Ku fall in 180s
  5. Kill Bulldrome in 240s
  6. Kill 6 Genpreys in 60s
  7. Hit Gendrome's Head a number of times in 60s
  8. Collect barrel bombs in 60s
  9. Make Baelidae fall in 180s
  10. Kill Yian Kut-Ku in 240s
Arena 2
  1. Drive away Melynxs in 60s
  2. Hit Daimyo Hermitaur's back 10 times in 60s
  3. Collect supply sonic bomb in 60s
  4. Break Caeserber's Head in 180s
  5. Kill Gypceros in 240s
  6. Kill 3 Hermitaur in 60s
  7. Hit Congalala's head 10 times in 60s
  8. Collect 4 supply whetstone in 60s
  9. Make Chramine fall down in 180s
  10. Kill Cephadrome in 240s (use sonic bomb)
Arena 3
  1. Kill some bullfangos and Vespoid in 90s
  2. Hit Blue Yian Kut Ku’s head for a number of times in 90s
  3. Kill some Cephalos in 120s (can collect some useful stuff)
  4. Break Chramine’s head in 180s
  5. Kill Blue Yian Kut Ku in 240s
  6. Drive away some Shakalaka in 90s
  7. Make Silver Hypnocatrice fall down in 120s
  8. Collect deodorants in 120s
  9. Break Golden Congalala’s head in 180s
  10. Kill Khezu in 240s
Arena 4
  1. Kill some Ceanataur in 90s
  2. Make Hypnocatrice fall down in 120s
  3. Kill some Vespoid in 120s
  4. Break Purple Gypceros’ head in 180s
  5. Kill Yian Garuga in 240s
  6. Kill some Conga in 120s
  7. Drive away some Melynx in 120s (can collect stuff)
  8. Kill Gendrome in 180s
  9. Kill Khezu (电龙) or Red Khezu (红电龙) in 240s
  10. Kill 2 Bulldrome in 240s
Arena 5
  1. Kill 6 Genprey in 120s (need to break the fence)
  2. Make Red Khezu fall down in 180s
  3. Collect 12 rations in 180s
  4. Break Blangonga’s head in 240s
  5. Kill Basarios in 300s
  6. Kill 2 Hermitaur and 2 Bullfango in 180s
  7. Make Estrellian fall down in 240s
  8. Collect supply antidote in 240s
  9. Break Ice Chramine’s head in 300s
  10. Kill Purple Gypceros in 300s
Arena 6
  1. Kill 8 Genprey in 120s (mind the nails on the ground)
  2. Make Monoblos fell down in 240s
  3. Collect supply dash juice in 180s
  4. Break Doom Estrellian’s head in 240s
  5. Kill Estrellian in 300s
  6. Kill Gendrome in 180s
  7. Make Yian Garuga fell down in 180s
  8. Collect supply whetstone in 240s
  9. Break Silver Hypnocatrice’s head in 300s
  10. Kill Akura Vashimu in 300s
Arena 7
  1. Kill 15 Vespoid in 240s
  2. Kill Monoblos or Basarios in 240s (the one you need to kill will be in bigger size)
  3. Kill Purple Gypceros or Yian Garuga or Silver Hypnocatrice in 240 (also the biggest one)
  4. Kill Estrellian or Doom Estrellian in 240s (still the bigger one)
  5. Kill Rathian in 360s

HR Hunts and Elites

After you complete all of the Story Quests your task is to complete HR hunts! This is a new tab of the Gate 2 hunting screen on the top right. These HR hunts will give you HR materials from the large monsters you kill for crafting Lvl 40+ Weapons and Armor. In addition to HR materials, you will be given White HR Certificates. When you collect enough of these (5) you can exchange them to unlock an Elite (1 and 2 Star) monster! After you kill 3 of these Elite monsters you can go to Gate 3 and do the 3 and 4 Star HR hunts. These will give you Rank 2 HR Certificates to unlock 3 and 4 Star Elites. The raid tower also has elites to unlock. These 5 star Elites can be unlocked by completeing the 5 star HR hunts in the tower. The first two Elites here can be unlocked with 5 tickets, while the third and forth require 5 tickets in addition to defeating the other 5 star Elites at least once.

1&2 Star Elites

Each unlock costs 5 rank one documents

3&4 Star Elites

Each unlock costs 5 rank two documents

5 Star Elites

Each unlock costs 30 rank three documents

Getting Ready to Raid

After unlocking any three 1 or 2 Star Elites and beating them you can now start the quest to unlock Raids. There should be a green "!" in the second city. The quest will lead you to the tower to talk to the NPC there. Talk to him and go to the quest hub in the tower. On the second tab there are two quests, do both of them and then you are ready to do weekly raids!